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Second photo contest medical forensic science

Rules and Entry Form

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The Organizing Committee of the Conference and Symposium will form a jury of members of the permanent board to select the finalists, based on the representation of more akin subject and its technical and artistic quality. The result of the election of the winning works will be announced during the congress days. The decision of the jury is final.


All works opt for any of the awards, but only one award may be granted by the author. The jury will award a first prize of 300 euros, a second prize of 150 euros and three special mentions without funding. In the latter itself may be repeating the same author, although it has managed to prize money. To all participants will be delivering a diploma certifying their participation in the event.

Acceptance of rules and authorization and assignment of rights

Participation in the contest implies the transfer in favor of the organization, by the contestants, the rights of reproduction and exhibition of photographs, provided they are used nonprofit. Original not rewarded may be collected by their authors or representatives in the three months after the congress, but the digital format can be used by the organization in scientific and nonprofit events. The winning photographs happen to belong to the Organizing Committee of the Conference-Symposium.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance by the contestants, each and every one of the bases described herein and take the final decisions of the jury, the latter being entitled to settle unforeseen circumstances.

II Titrator Court Medical Scientific Photography Contest Forensic

The titrator Court II Medical Scientific Photography Contest forensic shall consist of the following members of the ACMF:

President: Dr. Joaquim Recio García

Dra. Mª Victoria Bonastre Paredes
Dra. Mª Ángeles Gallego Álvarez
Dr. Francisco García Sayago
Dra. Maria Rifà Damunt

The vote cast by the President of the Tribunal shall have the casting titrator and unappealable nature in case of a tie between participants.

Download the bases of the photography contest
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