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On the 11th, 12th and 13th of December the XV Catalan Forensic Medicine Update Congres will be held, as it is being doing every two years. Constantly, from the ACMF cas organizer, we intend to improve and implement the impact and the scientific level of our Conferences, having achieved, with effort and dedication, a solid state and international recognition.

The first day of the Conference is entirely dedicated to the for Assessment of Bodily Injury, with special attention to the current legislative changes regarding injuries resulting from traffic accidents. Application of the new scale in sequels and concrete injuries.

LThe advances in Forensic Toxicology and Pathology issues occupy two workshops during the second day of the Congress. This year we have the presence of recognized experts in these disciplines; Dr. Marc Anthony Le Beau, (Chief of the FBI (Quantico; Virginia), Professor Raffele de Caro (Professor of Legal Medicine; University of Padua), Professor Massimo Montisci (Professor of Legal Medicine and Toxicology; University of Padua) in addition to other recognized professionals of Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish State that contribute with their experience and their extensive scientific knowledge. Its remarkable contribution makes our Congress to increase and reach a high level of scientific and professional interest.

EThe last day of the Congress is entirely dedicated to Forensic Psychiatry. This year, the discussion topics of the workshops are perfectly in keeping with the psychiatric problems that are constantly surfacing in our society: interfamily violence, aggressiveness among the marginal immigrant population, elements of transcultural psychiatry and psychiatric aspects of aggression and youth violence. Also participating in these workshops, professionals of recognized excellence and experience in the different fields treated: Professor Dr. José Manuel Crespo (Psychiatrist HUB expert in affective and mood disorders), Dr. Néstor Szerman (President of the Dual Pathology Foundation; Head of the Mental Health Service, Gregorio Marañón Hospital), Dr. Josep Solé (Coordinator of the Unit of Dual Pathology and Center of Attention and Monitoring of Drug Dependence, Benito Menni Hospital), Dr. Blanca Morera (Psychiatrist, expert in transcultural psychiatry) and Dra. Aleksandra Cetnarowska (Consultant Psychiatrist at the Ponent Penitentiary Centre, University Hospital Santa Maria of Lleida).

We hope and wish that from the Congress, derive contributions that may be useful in the development of Forensic and Legal Medicine in our environment.

Best regards,

Dr. Xavier Bernal Martí
President of ACMF